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Follow Up Calling

Marketing activities which comprises of email marketing, promotions, traditional advertising and so on can cost a lot for building a database of leads and if the leads are left in cold then all the money and marketing effort would be futile. So follow up calls with potential customers can lead to improved lead conversions and a improved profits for the company. Not only will follow up calls improve conversions but also promotes up-selling and brand enhancement.

We also do follow up calls with existing Customers to improve relationships that can lead to repeat business and additional referrals to more potential Customers.

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    Some of our key differentiators are:

    Our team at Syrow comprises of high quality professionals with experience in the respective domains and consultative follow up skills to improve relationships with customers and enable high conversion rate and an improved bottom line for your company.

    Our services include:

    • Sales follow up calls, telemarketing and online marketing campaigns
    • Train customers on products, issues and quick resolution
    • Provide customer service hotline 24/7
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