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The entire planet is waking up to environmental realities.

Industrial wastes and pollution, depleting natural resources, diminishing fuel and energy sources have led to many eco-friendly businesses sprouting up all over the world.

Locally, we have been practicing recycling methods and trying to keep our usage of natural resources down. However, advancement and eco-safety seem to have clashed and now the need to adopt sustainable efforts is more than ever.

Here are 5 eco-friendly businesses for aware entrepreneurs who wish to make positive changes to the planet and their own lives:

1) Organic Household Products

The demand for natural household products such as kitchen detergents, soaps, cosmetics, and other cleaning solutions is huge. The other aspect of this line is its ability to be set up and run on minimal investment. The raw material for such products include glycerin, essential oils, homegrown herbs, amla, flower extracts that are abundantly available In India and are required in small quantities.

The growing demand for non-chemical products is a promising sign and this is the time to enter this sector, even if you wish to merely test market your product.

2) Green Waste Management

India produces more than 150, 000 tons of waste per day. Though we have been on a good run and have been recycling most of it, we need to do more. Green waste management businesses can help with this process. 

These businesses can conduct timely collection, processing and provide re-usability ideas. Various wastes produce different substances and materials such as fertilizers and plastics. One can even treat and recycle aluminium scraps, discarded fabric and textiles, construction material, paper, batteries…. the sources are plenty. The latest innovations however are with wooden and electronic items that can be reused for multiple purposes. Hence, there is huge scope in this area that is poised to minimize wastage and improve conditions on the planet.

3) Biofuel Production

The Fossil oil consumption rate in our country is concerning. Biofuel, made from plants and animal waste is considered to be a viable option to burning fossil fuel. The process of Biofuel production is not simple. It requires special licensing, processing facilities and equipment.

Due to this, it is a specialised function that has immense potential.

4) Recycled Fashion

We have had a long period in our history and even now, related to the fashion and showbiz industry. Millions of stage and on camera costumes are thrown away after shoots.

Many designers are now using those costumes and other organic material to create fresh fashion items and accessories. Glass, tiles, paper and other scraps are being utilised in show pieces for the home, junk jewellery and other items.

So, any entrepreneur with a passion for fashion, can look into recycled clothing and accessories as a profitable business and source of income.

5) Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponic is a new and improved way to farm which does not need soil, saves space, maximizes yield and uses no pesticides or herbicides. Many small hydroponic farms have cropped up during the lockdown phases to satisfy the needs of their families or residential societies. 

With many now realizing the advantages of a steady flow of fresh fruits and vegetables in their optimum form (hydroponics uses nutrients and controlled Ph water levels), the trend has spread to cover larger areas.

The efficiency of this system promises to make it even more popular as time goes by. This is a good time for future hydroponic farmers to plant and begin providing healthy, organic produce to larger communities.

Hence, there are a lot of nature-driven, sustainable processes in swing right now with many new avenues being discovered each year.

An eco-friendly business will not only result in financial gains but will also give you an unparalleled feeling of peace and accomplishment.

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