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Is Your Current

Customer Service Strategy

working well for you?

Do you want to

Improve your Customer Service?
Increase Customer Retention?
Gain on ROI and return to profitability?

Want to learn how other businesses
achieved this with Syrow.

Why Clients Choose Syrow?

Quality Staff

We guarantee that all Clients utilising our services will always have experienced and well-trained teams of Advisors working on their operations.

Our Call Centers are fully flexible to your needs

Our Call Centres got the versatility to adapt and expand to accommodate any level of inbound or outbound campaigns and processes.

Great Range of Services

Services include inbound call handling, outbound telesales and telemarketing, intelligent IVR and fulfilment services in conjunction with media response handling.

Our Clients

How would you like to get started?

Call Support

A phone conversation is a powerful communication medium even in when there are new technologies emerging at a rapid pace.

Flexible with your schedule.

Chat Support

We at Syrow deliver instant technical and nontechnical Chat Support to your customers through live 24/7 chat.

Flexible with your schedule.

Mail Support

In today’s world Email plays a crucial role in any business. 24/7 monitoring and immediate reply to the Customers is very very important.

Flexible with your schedule.

AI Powered

Artificial Intelligence powered software system that assists the Customer Support executives to handle calls, chats and emails more meaningfully.

360º Dashboards

Complex technology made simple. Our system will Collect, Analyze, Match, and Offer the automated reports. Build Today for a Solid Tomorrow.

Visual Support

Individuals are more connected with visual world through their smart phones. Think how much faster one could solve issues if they see the problem. Mobile cameras can provide a complete view of the situation, Customer Service Executives can view, pause, highlight/mark to guide, and come to a resolution more efficiently than ever before.

Voice Analytics

Technology behind Realtime Voice Analytics makes us to understand Customer mood much better. Based on Customer tone we can up-sell, cross-sell, and increase their loyalty.

Virtual Reality Support

Consider the difficulties encountered when a Customer needs help in Metaverse. Troubleshooting over the phone, chat, or email won’t be possible in Virtual Reality World. Only AR/VR interactions will solve this problem, by having the Customer share the screen to know what they are seeing or doing with our Customer Service Executive, that allow us to guide through the Virtual Space better.

Delight Clients In 2023

Syrow's IP Driven CSaaS Platform with High Scalability and Availability helps you to provide rich Customer Experience all the time.


Multi-Channel, Multilingual, Power-Packed, Easy to use System for businesses to interact uninterruptedly


360° Customer Profiles with analytics of voice, Text and Process, to power the businesses.


We'll learn about your goals, study your competitors, and form a comprehensive and personalized SEO strategy.

Sit-Back And Relax While We Handle Your Valuable Customers

Clients About Us

Prathyushasdp M.V

This company is very good plat form to learn new things .. especially for freshers it's new start up.. along with experience people have good growth here.. I refer this company for good future.

Saravanan Jas

Good place to work and who will ready to learn bpo it's very good place and hr team also very good (hr. sreeyash) nice person he will solve the employees queries and good environment

Munnu Ram

Our team is thrilled at all the feedback we have received after using Syrow services. Thanks Syrow 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 wonderful job keep it up!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is one critical aspect that sets us apart from competition. We work with our Clients on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service model. We offer month-to-month services, and Clients are billed at the start of the current month and the service can be cancelled or extended at any time with one month notice in advance. For us, trust and implicit faith of our Clients in our abilities is what keeps a business relationship going for years even with or without a contract.
    We offer daily and weekly reports to our Clients that gives them a clear idea of their average call volume and average call duration. By extrapolating these figures, you will get an idea what is working our and what is not, also the daily/monthly call volume of your Business. You can then scale up resources with Syrow in consultation with our experts.
    For us, information security is sacrosanct and all our data centres are ISO certified and PCI compliant. They are hosted in a data centre with 24-hour surveillance and biometric security.
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